The Worst Return to Blogging Ever Written on the Face of the Internet

In the last 48 hours I’ve been reminded both of how awesome life can be and how much it can suck. Particularly, the very level of suckage it can reach.

One of my floormates passed away a few days ago, very suddenly and very tragically. Yes, I’m ok (for the most part), thanks for asking. I spent the last two days with my friends and my mom, going to shows, going out for meals, and just basically doing anything to distract myself. And it’s been really helpful and I’m so thankful for the wonderful people in my life.

If anything, this has been a lesson in immediacy. You know, just doing what you want to do instead of putting it off forever. You only have so much time on this earth, why spend it doing something you don’t want to do?

It’s more difficult than that, though, especially when you haven’t a fucking clue what you want to do. Life does take a fair amount of contemplation. You can’t fly by the seat of your pants forever.

As I’m writing this I see that it’s an utterly horrible way to return to blogging and that this blog (or at least the three posts currently on it) is totally depressing. That’s not what I wanted at all. I want this blog to be fun and upbeat, but still thought-provoking.

And not all about me, for God’s sake.

So, that is what it’s going to be. Although, I’m having trouble defining just how it’s going to be that. So, that’s where I need your help. What do you want to see from me?

I’d love to write more about travel and the arts and whatnot, even if it’s just local travel, or mind travel (eat that shit up, hipsters). So, how do I go about doing that? If you have any suggestions or any topic requests or anything at all to say, please let me know in the comments. I want this shit to be interactive, yo.


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